Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine

VC & VC8 Series

Portable Barrels

2 Sided Compartment Barrel

Standard Barrel

Double - Ended Barrel

Fixed Barrels

Removable PU Liniing with Compartment Capability

How It Works

The VC & VC8 Series machines are equipped with 4 barrels spaced evenly on a heavy duty turret. As the turret is rotated in one direction, the barrels rotate to opposite direction effecting a 1:1 ratio. When the turret speed exceeds 60 RPM  the mass in the barrel is subjected to high compressive forces causing the work mass to slide to the furthest wall of the barrel. The energy created in this process produces finishes up to thirty(30) times faster than conventional methods such as tumbling barrels and vibratory mills.


  • Finishing cycles up to 30 times faster than rotary barrels

  • Consistent finishes

  • Easy Installation ( can work in cells )

  • Very quiet operation

Optional Features

  • Variable speed for infinite process control

  • Separation

  • Removable "Hot pour" linings

  • Compartmentalized barrels

  • Automation ( VCA Series )


VCA Series


  • High Speed ( Up to 30 times faster than standard methods )

  • Very Quiet Operation

  • Variable Speed for Infinite Process Control

  • Removable "Hot Poured" Polyurethane Lining

  • Uniformed Finishing

  • Can Process Flat Thin Parts

  • Rubber Lining for Wet Areas

Material Handing Features

  • Media / Parts Separation

  • Rinsing

  • Media Return to Barrels

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