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Roll Flow Centrifugal Disc Machines

Dry Finishing Roll Flows

Dry Roll Flow EVF-06RD

roll flow 1.png


  • No water required

  • No rinsing of parts after finishing

  • No rust inhibiting process required

  • No drying of parts after finishing

  • No waste water treatment

  • Overall cost reduction

  • Cleaner working environment

Dry Roll Flow ER-1

roll flow er1.png


  • Deburring

  • Descaling

  • Radiusing 

  • Surface Improvement 

  • Polishing

High Energy Finishing Machines


  • A wide range of selections are available, including the roll flow and centrifugal barrel finishing machines, to meet your specific finishing requirements

  • Units in the Roll Flow R series are fully automatic, from loading, finishing, rinsing, and separating to unloading which lowers labor costs

  • high energy mass finishing greatly reduces finishing time.

  • Less parts impingement improves surface finish. Roll Flow finishing gives a uniform, damage free surface. 

  • Low noise and vibration levels provide a pleasant operating conditions.

roll flow diagram.png

Roll Flow EVF-06R

roll flow 4.png

Roll Flow EVF-08R

roll flow 2.png

Roll Flow EVF-04R

roll flow 3.png

Roll Flow EVF-04-OC

roll flow 5.png
roll flow specs.png
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