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Vibratory Equipment


  • Fully spiral 100% separation

  • Curved wall

  • Light-weight parts do not float on top of media

  • Long radius

  • Hot pour PU 3/4" thick lining

Optional Features

  • Automatic dam blade

  • Compound feeder

  • Automatic grease lubrication

  • Sound cover

  • Magnetic separator

  • Parts loader

  • Steel media burnishing capabilities 

VA series 1.png

VA Series

Automated Process Line

Automated Process line.png

Sound Suppression Room

Deafening room.png

Sound Suppression Cover

Sound cover.png

Magnetic Separator

magnetic separation.png
VA series 2.png
VA series 3.png

TU-Series & TC-Series


  • Rigid Construction

  • 2 kinds of tub construction U shaped wall tub & curved wall tub

  • Compartment availability for both tubs

  • Hot pour P.U lining 

  • Manually adjustable amplitude

Optional Features

  • Variable speed by frequency inverter 

  • Sound cover

  • Automatic grease lubrication

  • Compound feeder

TU-Series Tub (U Shaped)

TU Tub.png

TC-Series Tub (Curved Wall)

TC Tub.png
tub specs.png
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